Called on to love and care for every person.

We believe in the fundamental dignity of each person as created in the likeness and image of God.

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Bias Reporting

Living Our Mission

Our commitment to inclusion and human dignity is an integral part of our Lasallian Catholic heritage and history, founded in the teachings of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, who created and led an inclusive, respectful community of teachers and learners committed to educational excellence and faith expressed through service.

As noted in the “Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission: Challenges, Convictions and Hopes,” distributed in 2020 by the Brothers of the Christian Schools, we believe:

“That another world is possible, and that education is a fundamental force for building it. Our educational perspective aims to build societies where peace, equity, social justice, civic participation, the raising up of common dreams, and respect for freedom and differences are possible. We visibly demonstrate our commitment to the building up of a more democratic and just society, as well as our option for an integral and sustainable human development that benefits everyone. To educate for peace is to educate for justice and solidarity.”

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Hear from students

Hear from Saint Mary’s undergraduate and graduate students who discuss what community and inclusion mean to them in the videos below.


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